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Poll: how bumpy are your eyelids?

edited July 2015 in General
I was in Blue Mercury recently, and the SA was telling me that she uses baby shampoo on her lids twice a day to keep from getting blocked oil glands.  She said she notices bumps on her lids.  I had a chalazion about 15 years ago, but other than that, I don't have any problems with my eyelids.  But after I talked with her, I noticed that one of them is a little bumpy around the lash line.  Since I'm starting to wear eye makeup more, I worried that I could be a ticking time bomb waiting for another bump to form...  But I really don't want to add any more steps to my beauty routine, speaking as someone who recently started Rogaine on my head and using an eye dropper to add licorice extract to my moisturizer...  So, are slightly bumpy lids normal?  Do I have to break out the baby shampoo??


  • Unbumped for me. (Non-bumped?) 
  • Thanks Randy!  My bumps are subtle.  Like I said, I wouldn't have thought my lids were bumpy until i looked closely.  I tend to think they're just the normal oil glands at the base of my eyelashes.  I'm not inclined to want to break out the baby shampoo if I don't have to (in addition to remover and all over face cleanser...too many steps).
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