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Lipstick with Chunky Glitter - does it cause micro tears and chapping of lips

Hi Beauty Brains, I would like to know if lipstick with chunky glitter (for example Avon 24K Gold) will cause micro-tears and chapping of lips

Are micro-tears in lips very bad e.g. infection can set it ? 

Other lipsticks with a pearl finish that don'[t have this are perfectly fine for me.

Thanks in advance...LittleTabby.


  • Hey Tabby. If a product is causing micro-tears in your lips then that is a bad thing! I've never seen any data on these kind of "chunky glitters" suggesting that they cause a problem but to be honest, I don't really know. 

    I guess the bottom line is, if the Avon problem causes chapped lips for you, don't use it. If you try it and your lips feel fine then you're ok.  
  • I think your instinct is correct!!
    ! have very sensitive skin with rosacea, and sometimes depending on the weather, stress levels or other hormonal times, wearing intensely pigmented lipsticks can chap out my lips badly. My derm told me to specifically watch out for lipsticks/glosses with mica in them. Those Avon 24K lipsticks don't seem to contain glitters (just looked up online, never experienced personally), but a coarser mica which can definitely affect the skin on your lips. As Randy mentions above, you may also have a problem with that specific Avon base formula. Hope this helps!
  • Hi Amiles,  Thanks for your comment - very much appreciated !

    I only have issues with those 24K lipsticks - the glitter chunks are only apparent when you have used them and the new layer is worn away. These lipsticks are still available in Australia but not in the USA anymore. All other Avon and Revlon Superlustrous are great. I'm allergic to most drug store lipsticks e.g. Rimmel, CoverGirl, Maybelline, NYX lip gloss - very sensitive lips. When lipsticks expire (after about 3-4 years of use for me) then I get a stinging sensation (like someone is sticking pins into my lips), severe dryness and peeling. 

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