Lipstick with Chunky Glitter - does it cause micro tears and chapping of lips

Hi Beauty Brains, I would like to know if lipstick with chunky glitter (for example Avon 24K Gold) will cause micro-tears and chapping of lips

Are micro-tears in lips very bad e.g. infection can set it ? 

Other lipsticks with a pearl finish that don'[t have this are perfectly fine for me.

Thanks in advance...LittleTabby.


  • Hey Tabby. If a product is causing micro-tears in your lips then that is a bad thing! I've never seen any data on these kind of "chunky glitters" suggesting that they cause a problem but to be honest, I don't really know. 

    I guess the bottom line is, if the Avon problem causes chapped lips for you, don't use it. If you try it and your lips feel fine then you're ok.  
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