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Do you have to suffer to be beautiful?

So some of you know about my trials and tribulations with makeup, my rosacea, etc.  I finally found a makeup look that doesn't aggravate my skin.  But then I learned to tightline my eyes.  I love the look--it is better than regular eyeliner and mascara combined.  So natural and just really enhances your eyes.  But now--you guessed it--my eyes are irritated.  I actually don't think it's as much from the liner as from using remover near my waterline.  So I'm frustrated.  They aren't super irritated, just enough for me to think it isn't a good idea to use this technique daily, at least not if I remove it daily.  Can I leave waterproof liner on my eyes and just not remove it? She said, grasping at straws...  Plain ol' mineral oil to remove??


  • It's also horribly irritating to me, I just don't like using tightlining because of the possible infection and irritations. Also, mineral oil is good for removing MU but I doubt you should put that on your inner eyelid since it's hard to remove. It'll just stay in your eyes and cause even more discomfort. Most importantly, ALWAYS take off your makeup at the end of the day! Not just for safety, but also just for the hygiene! You eyes are very fragile and not taking care of them will cause serious damage, especially in the long run. I know this is a bit anecdotal, but there was a 20smt years oil girl in Korea all over the news a couple years ago who didn't remove her makeup for over a year and when they finally removed the heavy layer of MU on her skin, the tests showed that her skin has aged to that of a woman in her 40s! I will always take and wash everything off at the end of the day and I've been doing so since 12.
  • Hey anger:)  Thanks for your response.  But all is well now!  I use Laura Mercier cake eyeliner and plain water to "activate" it.  The best part: my creamy face cleanser takes it all off.  I don't even have to put the cleanser on a q-tip and swipe my lash line--it comes off just when I wash my face.  But it stays on all day.  I have verified that I took it all off with cleanser by taking a makeup remover and swiping my lash line with it after washing my face--nothing more comes off.  It is all gone just from washing my face.  I guess that suggests it isn't waterproof, yet I have no problems with it wearing off during the day.  I can tightline on an almost daily basis now without problems.  I am careful not to put the eyeliner in my waterline--just where the lashes are.  So it shouldn't block the glands there.
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