Do you have to suffer to be beautiful?

So some of you know about my trials and tribulations with makeup, my rosacea, etc.  I finally found a makeup look that doesn't aggravate my skin.  But then I learned to tightline my eyes.  I love the look--it is better than regular eyeliner and mascara combined.  So natural and just really enhances your eyes.  But now--you guessed it--my eyes are irritated.  I actually don't think it's as much from the liner as from using remover near my waterline.  So I'm frustrated.  They aren't super irritated, just enough for me to think it isn't a good idea to use this technique daily, at least not if I remove it daily.  Can I leave waterproof liner on my eyes and just not remove it? She said, grasping at straws...  Plain ol' mineral oil to remove??
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