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Best gentle remover?

Which is best as a gentle remover for eye makeup: cold cream, baby oil (mineral oil), or vaseline?

I was using lancome bi-facil, which works really well.  It doesn't irritate at all in a single, occasional use, but it appears that it's mildly irritating to me if I use it on a daily basis.  Right now, I'm trying to rock eye looks that require a remover, and I'd like to try something gentler.  But I also want something that is effective.


  • Mineral oil and vaseline have good solvency for oily makeup and they're very inert so they're unlikely to bother your skin. Cold cream (or any other emulsion) will contain emulsifiers and other ingredients that could potentially be irritating. I guess you'll have to experiment to find out what works for you. Good luck! 
  • Thanks, Randy!
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