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my rosacea journey--and adjustment to low-strength retinol

6 months ago I never would have thought I'd adjust to retinol, any strength.  I am happy to say my rosacea is under control and I have now been able to bump up my use of a very low strength retinol from every 3rd night to every other night!  I am so pleased.  I took these steps: 1) went back to using metrogel nightly, 2) switched to pure mineral sunscreen (I had been using one with zinc oxide and octinoxate), and 3) added licorice extract to my regimen (I mix a drop of it with th retinol cream).  I also was careful to start the retinol at every 3rd day and to back off it if I saw worsening of my rosacea.  So I kept to every 3rd night for about two months, and now I've moved up to every other night with no redness or flare-up.


  • Yay, Sarah! Are you noticing visible improvements in skin tone and texture?
  • Thanks, Lindygirl!  I would say my skin texture is very slightly improved.  But I am using super low strength retinol--I probably wouldn't expect to see much until I bump up to a stronger product.  My hyper pigmentation hasn't budged, but honestly, I suspect it's in the dermis and would require laser to get rid of.
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