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You people are great people!

Seriously, I'm just here for the awesome science-based blog posts. I'm SO glad I came here instead of going to MUA boards. I used to go there a lot for reviews and forum messages but some of the ppl there are so stubborn and full of pseudoscience that they use as facts, the skeptic inside me is burning with anger (probably because I haven't accumulated enough wisdom to deal with it) everytime I see ignorant posts...Why should we trust the website as a whole is beyond me. There's some great ppl on MUA and I love seeing pretty makeup look pictures but the sheep spirit is so strong with them it's hard to deal with. I remember there was a few crazy skincare ladies that bashed everyone who didn't agree with them-I wasn't bashed on, just didn't like what I saw. It's sad how bullying occures literally everywhere.


  • Thanks for the kind words.

    Unfortunately, the anonymity of the Internet makes people say things that they would never say in real life. I used to participate in other forums more frequently but the rudeness of people made me stop. 
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