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Does Lactobionic Acid (The best exfoliant) come cheap?

I recently read this article in which you stated that the best exfoliant (superior to AHAs, glycolic, lactic, and other acids) is lactobionic acid:

I have used pretty much all the varying exfoliating acids that are available in a cream or serum (everything short of an acid peel). I would love to try this lactobionic acid.

So far the only products I have found when I search "lactobionic acid" are ones by Exuviance, NeoStrata, and Beauticontrol that are between $50 and $100 for creams and serums. Can you
think of any products that contain this ingredient that are more

Thank you!


  • Sorry but we didn't find any inexpensive products with lactobionic acid either. I guess not that many companies are formulating with it. BTW, keep in mind that the article from 2010 cited a single study with a small base size. It certainly look promising but I wouldn't take that as definitive proof that this is the best AHA. 
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