Hello there,
I suffer rosacea on the nose. My skin's nose is totally different with other parts on my face, many sebaceous filaments and visible blood vessels. I used to treat by IPL laser in 6 months but it didn't work efficiency in my case. It reduces the redness but i still see tiny blood vessels and because i'm living in VN-a tropical country, so could you suggest me some products which make my skin to be not worse and I'm going to try OCM to wash my face and chemical peel (mandelic 25%) to treat sebaceous filaments. Is it too harsh for my rosacea?

P/s: my skin is not sensitive and I'm using AHA và tretinoin 0.5.

Thank you so much


  • Rosacea can be a tough condition to treat and you have to be careful not to use things that are too harsh. I think a dermatologist is better suited to answer your question than we are. Good luck!!
  • And make sure you wear sunscreen every day.  Sun exposure can also cause dilated blood vessels to form on your face.
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