hair and nails vitamin supplements

this may not be a cosmetics question because its dietary rather than topical.  and i may have seen a post about a similar topic.

also, i just jumped off the castor oil debate but i still harbor a maniac obsession for long eyelashes.  so, in the same wishful thinking, would hair and nails vitamins facilitate longer eyelash growth?


  • The data we've seen indicates that vitamins help with hair growth only when you're malnourished. If you're eating a reasonably healthy diet, taking additional vitamins does not substantially improve hair growth. 
  • Thank-you Randy for info.

    hmm, maybe hair and nails vitamins were formulated for those who went through health issues where they lost their hair?
  • I think they're formulated for people who are gullible enough to buy them. 
  • oh!  like no cholesterol rhubarb.
  • edited September 2015

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