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Questions about sunscreen


I'm so confused whether there is backing to Environmental Watch Group's general statement that 'chemical absorber nanoparticle sunscreen' is a bad thing that can actually CAUSE cancer.

Are physical sunblocks the only way to go? Is there actually literally a difference between something called a sunBLOCK and a sunSCREEN? Are nanoparticles of Zinc oxide or Titanium dioxide dangerous or safe? Is zinc oxide actually the only real safe one (better than titanium dioxide)?

Is there actually a possibility that skin cancer is caused by lack of sun, not enough vitamin D and that sunscreen does nothing to prevent skin cancer? Is it more important healthwise to get more Vitamin D or less sun? 

Also- coconut oil and SPF? I can't find any real evidence not sure if it's all marketing.

I'm so confused. :/ 

thank you! I'm sorry if this is a question you already answered I couldn't find it. 


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