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Books and magazines about hair and haircare

I run a portuguese blog about cosmetics and I've written a lot of articles regarding skincare guided by books from authors like Dr. Leslie Baumann, Dr. Zoe Draelos, etc. and scientific magazines.
Unfortunatelly I'm not able to find that much information about hair. Could you tell me about some great books regarding this subject? :D


  • We can but you make not like the answers. One of the best, most up to date sources of info is the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists but you need to be a member to access the journals. (You might be able to request them from some libraries.) 

    One of the best text books is Clarence Robbins "Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair" but it's expensive and it's VERY technical. Sometimes I even nod off while reading it! 
  • Thanks a lot! I found a 2002 edition of "Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair". It will help :) Also, my college library allows me to read that magazine!

    Let's see if I can handle it ahah
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