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How does the ionic blow dryer works?

These products aren't new, but now that I'm writing an article about dry hair (thanks for the podcast, by the way :p) I wonder if these are actually beneficial.

I've read a website saying "onic dryers that emit negative ions cause globs of H2O molecules to divide into smaller particles that evaporate faster (...)  The result is less frying time."... Do the irons form H+ and OH-? I have some doubts about this...

Plus, they also say "Conditioners contain positively-charged ingredients that attach themselves to the negatively-charged sites on your hair which allow them to stay there and treat your hair, strengthening it. Ionic appliances claim that they are releasing ions onto your hair to offer some benefit but as I said above if your hair is bombarded by ions it’s actually interacting with what’s on your hair (water and or product) not the hair itself so the ions might help the styling products you are using work better hence giving you better results."

Could you explain it? :)


  • I can't explain it because it's not true! We've heard this claim for years but I haven't seen a scrap of evidence showing that blowing ionized hot air at your hair provides any benefit. 

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    What about ionic brushes? Ranging from 15 to 60 dollars, do they worth the splurge? I read on a blog that unlike ionic hairdryers the brushes work to prevent frizz and improve hair condition in general (specially frizz) since they get in contact with hairs surface. Thanks!!

  • The only benefit I'm aware of is that they may reduce static flyway (depending of course on what kind of ions they produce.)
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