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Hi, guys. Is someone here who has an extremely oily face? Yes, that's me.. my face is always so oily even during the winter. However, the problem is that it's oily and it looks glossy, but I can feel that it's yet dry! Since the moisturizers I've used so far usually made my face even more oily, I don't put many layers of moisturizer or use small amount of only one moisturizer not to make my face oily. However, I think I need to moisturize my face more since I feel like it's oily but not moist and even dry sometimes. I've been looking for some moisturizers for oily skin, but there are so many products all around and I can't choose one that I should use for my oily face. Please help me to find the good one guys! Thank you!


  • I use Marula Oil under my sunscreen during the day. It has lots of nice antioxidants, which help the sunscreen to work even better by working to get rid of free radicals.

    I have found that cleaning my face with extra virgin olive oil makes it less oily. I take my makeup off with EVOO at night, then wring a clean wash cloth out in hot tap water and gently wipe off the residue, then apply my nighttime treatments. In the morning I just rinse my face in the shower, blot dry, apply the marula oil, then sunscreen, then makeup.

    I know having really oily skin is a pain, but one of these days you will be glad you do. When you are old and gray people will comment, again and again, that you sure don't look your age. :)
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