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Lip Gloss and Skin Cancer on lips

Dear Beauty Brains, 

Does lip gloss cause skin cancer on lips - also if it is worn over an SPF 15 (or higher) lip balm would that reduce the SPF protection ?  

After a couple of nasty episodes of sunburnt lips when I was about 10-11 years old I'm vigilant in protecting them from the harsh Aussie sun all year round.  I usually wear a SPF15 (or higher) lip balm and then lipstick, however sometimes I do wear a lip gloss over a SPF lip balm.

The sunburnt lips were very painful and I don't wish to go through that again, not to mention skin cancer.

Here are some links:

Here they say that SPF lip balm underneath is OK even though there is gloss and shine on lips.

Thanks...LittleTabby (Tania).


  • To be honest, we don't have any additional information. As the article says..."no studies have confirmed the lip gloss-skin cancer link, and not all dermatologists agree that it poses a risk."

  • Hi Randy,  Thanks for answering my question - very much appreciated and I also enjoy the podcasts  ! 

    I will stick with using an SPF lip balm underneath my lipstick and lip gloss and enjoy wearing these cosmetics. The Aussie sun is brutal even in winter but I love it ! 

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