Clean scalp for hair growth? + silicone removal


Is it important to have a clean scalp for hair growth? Is simply brushing my hair good enough or do I actually need to use shampoos that clarify? Also if I'm using products with dimethicone do I have to use shampoo on all my hair? When I use shampoo I only use it on my scalp... but I use the silicones on the length of my hair so would I have to shampoo the length of my hair? What ingredients do I have to look for to find a gentle shampoo that will also remove the silicone?

I personally do not like washing my hair much. I usually just use conditioner whenever I wash it (my hair is curly) and then I try to brush it often to distribute the oils down the shaft. Do I have to start washing my scalp more to see more hair growth? Is CO washing sufficient for the scalp? And if it's not sufficient for the silicones? I do apply a silicone serum to the ends of my hair after washing before blow drying. 

Thank you!


  • I haven't seen any evidence that shows having a clean scalp is required to have healthy hair growth. You may, however, need to shampoo more, or use a clarifying shampoo, if you feel that you have build up of silicone or other conditioning agents on your hair.  
  • I never actually feel that I have build-up... does build-up simply feel like hair weighed down? I like that my hair is curly... is build-up dangerous to hair (blocks hair growth/ makes hair more prone to breakage)?
  • Buildup is not "dangerous" per se but it could make your hair harder to come which could result in some damage if you brush or comb it too hard. It has nothing to do with hair growth. 
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