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Is it possible to over-hydrate the eye area and MAKE your eyes puff?

I typically apply all of my non-irritating anti-aging face serums and creams also around and over the eye area.  I don't necessarily have dry skin there, but I want that anti-aging to also address incoming "hoods" and expression lines under the eyes.  

I've never really had puffy eyes and the skin around my eyes isn't really "puffy" just very "well-filled" ALMOST going on "puffy" (and the wrinkles are also less noticeable).

So now I wonder... could hydrating creams applied to an eye area that doesn't necessarily"need" it be making the skin around my eyes puff? 





  • Hi Pazz. I've never heard of moisturizing creams causing puffy eyes. Maybe if the skin around your eyes is really dry, then applying moisturizer may cause the skin to "plump up?" I'm not sure. 
  • Actually, I was theorizing the opposite... that my eye skin is normal and the moisturizing creams are causing it to plump more - needlessly and on the road to puffy but no quite there yet.  My creams have lots of "plumping" ingredients that I wonder if they're "over-plumping" the thinner eye area skin.

    I'm going to avoid the eye area with my face creams for a week or so to see if anything changes if not, it just means that my eyes are naturally on their way to "puffy" and  face creams or over-moisturization have nothing to do with it.

    I couldn't find anything written, even in passing, about over moisturization and any effects to the eye area so it's probably just a crazy theory.


  • You were theorizing the opposite? I thought my last comment said the same thing as you did. Sorry if I wasn't clear! 

    In any case, it's an interesting theory. Let us know how your experiment turns out.  
  • I think you're on to something. from what I've read, good moisture will slightly plump your skin to (temporarily) fill in wrinkles, so maybe to you it looks like puffiness. 

    or maybe you're pressing/pulling on your skin too hard when you apply it, thus irritating your skin and causing it to puff. OR maybe the product is irritating your skin and you need something more gentle? 

    only guessing though!
  • Great ideas.  I've been putting on eye cream because I "should" but I probably don't need it. Now that I see my eyes more puffy I wonder if it's related to my starting to use eye cream the last six months.

    My theory is that either the products are over-delivering or, coincidentally, I'm just getting older and my eyes are starting to puff out by themselves.

    I've tired a day or two without and a day or two with or using samples of other brands and I haven't really seen any difference.  I'll need to stretch-out my testing to a whole week of no eye products to see how it goes.


  • edited December 2015
    P.S.  I "heard somewhere" from a somewhat trustworthy source (an Italian make-your-own cosmetic treatments vlogger) that silicone from eye creams can build-up in the eye area.  I tried to find out more and I have not seen anything official or even unofficial about silicone build-up anywhere else.  But it did give me pause and, secretly, I do worry if the puff was attributed to that (vs. overhydration or ageing). I was initially using eye creams day and night with 4+ kinds of silicones in them. 

    Even though I listen to Beauty Brains and try to educate myself I still get caught-up in the ingredient vilification hysteria - there's a lot of fodder out there for the susceptible.
  • I've never heard about silicone building up on skin. Even if it did I don't really think it would contribute to puffiness. 
  • Randy thanks for jumping-in and totally putting that silicone build-up rumor to bed- whew!

    OK, I'm here to report back on my self-experiments.  During the time where I stopped putting on eye cream I noticed that I was also putting face creams on/around my eyes.  So, I dedicated myself to an additional week of NOT using eye creams and NOT spreading my super-hydrating anti-age face creams around or under my eyes.

    My eyes are less puffed!  It's subtle but where I had almost a "hood" over the outer-part of my eye that part is gone and I can see the lid crease again!  My face cream and serums contain Hyaluronic Acid (both High Weight and Low Weight) plus other ingredients that for sure are meant to plump and hydrate the skin.

    So, from now, I will completely avoid the eye area with the anti-age creams and will try adding a "tightening" eye cream to the mix to see what happens!


  • I always assumed my puffy eyes after moisturizing were from irritation.... the eyes are sensitive 
  • I didn't notice any redness, burning or itching - things I would normally associate with irritation. So maybe it's just the ingredients working too well in an area that doesn't need them.

    That's why I used the word "puff" and not "puffy" - at least in my mind the latter brings with it the idea of pain and discomfort which I did not have.


  • It happens to me even from just using Coconut Oil- no actual eye itchiness, but my lid does get a bit swollen, and my undereye does as well. 
  • Interesting! I wonder if we stumbled onto something here.  Paula's Choice and other trustworthy sources keep saying that the eye area is the the same as all of the other skin around it and it doesn't need any special treatment - or creams.  

    I think that at least mine and your experience contradict this. There is definitely less fat, fewer hair follicles (except for the lid) or visible pores there  so I wonder how these people can make blanket statements about the eye area skin NOT being different.


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