Botox injection, bad results and anger

I got botox injection a few months ago but my face was so swollen that I looked like a doll and I couldn't meet some of my friends for a long while and... Did you also have a bad experience? Now I am not looking for a miracle product but for another alternative. What do you use to reduce your wrinkles?


  • I also tried botox and fortunately I didn't get any problem with it. However I decided not using it anymore because everybody noticed that I was having I some injections. I also tried a few wrinkle cream more or less expensive and I was really disappointed sometimes and more than expected... and my biggest disappointment was The Crème de la mer which was far too much expensive and didn't worths its price ($310!), I even couldn't notice any benefits on my skin... Fortunately, some wrinkle care cream are good like the SKII LXP Ultimate Revival Cream and the Marli Botox Alternative Cream. Currently I use the IASO Age care cream because its main ingredient is hibiscus extract which contains myoxinol (has the same effect as the botox: the muscles of the face are inhibited to prevent wrinkles). You can't see the results right away after but they are visible after using it a long while.
  • I'm suspicious of ANYTHING that says it works like Botox because Botox needs to be injected under the skin to work and these other ingredients are applied topically. 
  • "Botox needs to be injected under the skin to work and these other ingredients are applied topically"
    This is why I said it has same effect as the botox and that since we don't inject the hibiscus extract (okra) we can't see the result right away but after using it a long while.
  • I think there are a couple of things that will help with wrinkles:

    1. Good genetics
    2. Use of a sunscreen
    3. Good diet and exercise
    4. Good retinol cream

    That's it unless you want to use cosmetic surgery until we have enough clinical studies to tell us about other products. 

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