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AQUIS Towel - Does it dry hair faster?


I'm a huge fan of this website, just putting it out there. 

I've recently stumbled across a new product called AQUIS Towel. Their website claims that this magical towel is "an innovative fabric woven from ultra-fine fibers to create a lightweight material with superior water wicking capabilities that is gentle on your hair". Basically they are saying that due to special fibers in these towels, they dry hair faster than regular towels.

My question is it possible that this magical towel actually does dry hair faster and saves hair from water damage this way? 

Some claims from the website
"Aquitex fibres are very fine and come in a special weave that is designed to channel water and carry it through the fabric. A bit like a system of canals and waterways. Leaving the surface touching the hair to absorb more and more water. Whereas cotton towels get waterlogged and the water doesn't travel. A bit like a swamp. So well does Aquitex wick water that hair wrapped in an Aquis towel can dry fast on its own, with no need to damage your hair by rubbing it"

thank you!


  • Hey Katebes! We've never tested this specific product but we have experimented with super-absorbent materials in the past and have seen indications that they WILL help protect hair from damage. That's because the process of drying hair is so damaging - anything you can do to speed drying time AND reduce friction from the towel will help spare your cuticles. 

    Let us know if you decide to give it a try. 

  • Wow that's interesting. I might give it a try. 
    Thank you Randy
  • If you can, touch these products in person.  At least their "Diva Dryer" line LOOK like microfiber cloths.  I can get the same tuban they are selling for $12 for $1 at my local Chinese store.  That's quite a mark-up!!


  • edited December 2015
    P.S.  Just for fun I checked-out Ebay you can get that magic hair drying turban for 86 cents - ships free from China:

    I just bought the elastic microfiber "hat" turban for my daughter - she showers after Karate' and has long hair and this will work nicely while she's getting dressed. That way I won't have to hair-dry both her hair and clothes when she's ready.
  • I love the microfiber towels.  I do think they're easier on the hair.
  • I use an Aquis towel for plopping my hair after washing and to scrunch my hair to begin the drying process after applying styling products. I have been using one for several years and it has proved to be well worth the money I spent on it. Mine is the waffle weave one.
  • I have had an Aquis for for about a year now, and I do like it very much. It does keep my hair smoother, and definitely cuts the drying time.
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