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Best Mascara?

What is the best mascara? I use Benefit's "They're Real!" and for me, it does what it says - no flaking, smudging, comes off with a little oil. But it is about 22 dollars. Is there a less expensive brand with similar characteristics? They all make the same claim! I have had to try so many, and sometimes I think they change the formula, because I have to keep changing mascara's. As a girl, I used Great Lash, but I am 60 now and haven't tried it for....ages :).


  • Hey Ellen this could be a good topic for a future podcast! Do you have any interest in submitting an audio version of your question? Here's the link to the instructions: Your Voice on the Beauty Brains Show 
  • Ellen: Here's a product that has an almost identical formula and it's only $7. The brand is called UOUO and you can find it here:

    I hope this helps and we'd still love to have your question on our show if you have time to record it. Thanks. 
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    Maybelline's Full 'N Soft mascara comes in both regular and waterproof. It is my favorite.I have tried others but I keep going back to Full 'N Soft. The price usually comes in under $7.00 US.
  • i am a mascara maniac.  loreal beauty tubes changed my life.  cant get it in this country.
    it was like taking coffee out of my life.  some little things do make a big difference.
  • I like the tube forming kind, too, because it washes off with warm water.  I use the MAC (extended play) and Trish McEvoy kinds, but I am spending too much--you can get a good tube forming mascara at the drugstore.
  • In my opinion the best is L'oreal Voluminous . Best ever and I tired many other brands
  • i saw a feature on Cosmopolitan where 100 mascaras were tested on one eye.  and the loreal voluminous looked the best, even better than the high end brands.
  • Damn, I bet that woman's eye was tired after all that testing!
  • Benefit - They're Real! 
  • I am a huge fan of Urban Decay's Subversion/Perversion duo (white undercoat and black mas cara). 

    I have recently used No 7 (it just seemed to dry out quickly and I didn't like the effect), Benefit 'They're Real) and this CK one that had a twisty brush. The CK one was quite nice. 

    Bourjois does some great make up
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