Oily and fine hair: common combination, why?

I've noticed that a lot of people complain of havig both fine hair and oily hair. Why is this so common? Or is it just coincidence?


  • Interesting observation. I've never heard of any correlation. Anybody else out there notice this?
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    According to Philip Kingsley, haircare manufacturer:
    People with fine hair actually have more hairs per square centimeter than other hair types.

    More follicules would mean more oil, right?
    Is there any way I can check this?

  • Ah, I see the logic. I don't know if that actually equates to more oil but it does make some sense.
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    Count me in, too.  Thin hair that is oily.  But I don't think it's the fact that I have thin hair that is making it oily.  I think that the products I'm using are too drying to the scalp and it is overproducing to compensate.  That's what happens on the face, anyway.  

    I'm in the process of trying different shampoos and conditioners to see how they affect the hair/scalp- but it's taking forever as the bottles are huge and I only wash my hair 3x a week.  But so far no "winners" but hope springs eternal.

    I tried going no-poo (shampoo free and only washing with water) and that was OK after the initial oil fest, but I could not style my hair for special occasions - the hot curlers weren't doing anything to my no-poo hair.


  • It could be that the same amount of oil spread of less or thinner hair just feels more oily. Not sure. 
  • I have fine hair and it runs normal to moderately oily.  I vote that fine hair shows oil more than coarse hair.
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