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What are your thoughts on Paula's Choice?

Hi Beauty Brains and forum members. I was just wondering what you guys thought of the Paula's Choice brand. Looks pretty legit to me. They seem to base a lot of their product formulations on published research, which is great to see.


  • We agree. In general, Paula's products are based on evidence not hype. 
  • Do you know of any other brands that focus on published research as much as Paula's Choice?
  • I like the old pod cast by Paula's Choice. I also like the retinol cream from Indeed Laboratories, retinol reface. I am not sure about their other products, but is is one of the few that actually state the amount of retinol in it. 
  • I love Paula's choice. I just finished up her retinol serum (.1%) which I layer over her retinol moisturizer (Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer).  I have graduated to higher strength retinol (see separate post).
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