I have rosacea and I just graduated to .5% retinol!!!

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I am so excited. I have worked up to this exceedingly gradually.  My secret is I use metrogel every single day, always use only pure mineral sunscreen, and add a drop of licorice extract (an anti-irritant) to my retinol products.  I started with a retinol moisturizer (at .01% retinol) and even then I could only use it every third day.  Then I went to every other day, and finally, to every day.  Then I started layering over that a retinol serum (at .1% retinol), starting with every other day and going to daily.  I am finally able to layer a .5% retinol product over my retinol moisturizer and my skin is perfectly clear, no redness, no irritation, and no papules!  I am psyched!!


  • Congrats!
  • Congrats! Was just wondering what sunscreen you use? Are the mineral compounds nano-sized?
  • I don't know if they are nano, but I don't think so--also, I'm not sure the nano thing is really a problem.  I use Elta MD UV Physical.  It is tinted.
  • Looks like a great sunscreen, thanks for the recommendation! And I agree Sarah, from my own research it seems that there's not much to fear from nano particles, especially in comparison to chemical sunscreens which seem much more dubious.
  • You're welcome!  I love it.  I actually use it as my makeup as it is reasonably opaque and tinted.  Just a light dusting of powder and I'm good to go.
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