Just found out I have Seborrheic Dermatitis (similar to Psoriasis). Any tips or favourite products?

Hi everyone. Happy New Year! So I just found out that I have seborrheic dermatitis. My t-zone has always been extremely oily and for a long time I've had a very flaky nose. Then, recently, I noticed my cheeks were looking quite red. SD sucks. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with it or a similar condition (psoriasis) before and has any tips or products you've found to work well. Thanks guys!


  • My impression is that SD feeds on facial oils.  So even though your skin looks flaky and you may assume the patches are dry, you actually want to cleanse well.
  • If your cheeks are quite red, you may also have rosacea--common for seb derm and rosacea to go together.  Not that you need another diagnosis...
  • I would check with a derm as you may need a prescription topical for both the flakes and the red patches.
  • Thanks for the advice, Sarah! I actually found a product called Psoriasin Gel at my local pharmacy. It contains coal tar, a well researched ingredient known to ease symptoms of psoriasis and SD. It's working wonderfully to eliminate flakes, not so sure about the redness though. Fingers crossed!
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