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What's the deal with Hair Cleansing Conditioners?

Just came across this recently: anybody had experience with them? Which are the best?Or throwing money down the drain?


  • We talked about co-washing in this post:

    The bottom line is this: If you're hair isn't particularly dirty and if you don't mind the way co-washing makes your hair feel, then it's fine. But don't spend a lot of money on cleansing conditioners. You can use any inexpensive silicone free product.  
  • I bet Lindygirl can steer you toward some good ones.  I think she uses Alberto VO5?
  • But, Randy, if you co-wash, don't you have to not use any silicone products in your hair--styling products or otherwise?
  • Some ingredients can be harder to get out of your hair than others - silicones and styling resins for example. Shampoos will do a great job of getting rid of these but a co-wash formula may not have enough detergency to remove them. So, yes, I'd caution people about co-washing if they use a lot of "heavy" products. 
  • Sarah is correct. If you don't use sulfates in shampoos you shouldn't use any silicones that are not water soluble. Over time the silicones will build up.

    VO5 conditioners are good for co-washing and so are Suave Naturals.  

    Not being able to use sulfates due to an allergic type reaction has seriously limited the number of products I can use. I read a LOT of labels....
  • Do you really have to use sulfates? Would a sulfate free shampoo suffice to wash away silicones?

    Also if I put shampoo on my scalp only, and I don't put silicones on my scalp (just styling gel, etc) then how does the shampoo wash it out? 
  • Sulfate based shampoos tend to have stronger detergents than sulfate free formulas. That's not to say that they won't clean your hair well enough - you'd have to try one and see for your self. 

    I don't really understand what you mean when you say you "put shampoo on your scalp only." Even if you only apply the shampoo to your scalp it still gets on your hair, doesn't it?  
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