Keep hair moisturized in between washes

I have lots of very fine hair, which does not do so well with rinse-out conditioners: they all just tend to just leave a film And do not seem to penetrate. My hair is between straight and slightly wavy.
It seems to do better when I use little or no conditioner after I shampoo, just some leave-in, and then progressively add moisture and nourishment as needed when my ends/lengths start to dry out during the days following the shampoo (I wash twice a week).
Here is what confuses me: many articles recommend water-based leave-ins to be used on dry (second or third day) hair, because they say that only water provides moisture. However, you once explained that water can actually dehydrate hair by lifting the cuticles and then evaporating. (Just like wetting your hands a lot makes them chapped).
Should I spritz a water-based detangler, or should I apply a cream with a mix of humectants like glycerin and occlusives, or just apply occlusives (oils or light silicone dry oil)?
I'm aware that hair lengths are "dead", not alive like skin, so I am thinking more about how I keep my antique wood furniture in shape, and I apply oil-based or silicone-based waxes on my furniture, not water.


  • You only need to water causing damage to hair if the hair is saturated. Just spritzing a little water on top of hair will not cause cuticle uplifting. 

    Should you use a water based detangler, a creamy mix of humectants, or occlusives? There is no science based answer - all three approaches will provide a benefit to hair. It just depends on what feels right for you. 
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