Thickening leave-in creams

some companies are finally starting to make products to bulk up fine hair that are not alcohol-laden and drying, addressing not so much lack of volume on the roots, but lack of volume and density in the ends. However, it's not clear if these products are just not drying or if they actually add moisture. Do I apply alone or do I need some moisturizing oil or cream underneath? Some of the new thickening cream I was referring to are the new Tresemme beauty-full volume hair maximizer, Garnier Full and Plush Ends, Ketastase Forme Fatale blow-dry gel.


  • If you can post the ingredient lists for the products you're interested in, I'd be happy to take a look at them for you. 
  • I'm very interested in the same kind of products, specifically those listed in this article:
    • Poly Beta Amino Ester-1
    • Intra-Cylane

    RIght now I'm a believer in Filloxane, but I cant really tell if it's working. I have baby-fine hair that is pretty good bare palette.. (products reveal their true nature immediately)  I have hilghlights just to give it texture which helps "thicken", but now I'm worried about breakage.

  • We love FutureDerm but I just read the article and it doesn't look like she provides any evidence to show these products actually thicken hair. 
    Based on her information, Poly Beta Amino Ester-1 sounds like it works by increasing inter-fiber friction. In other words, your hair looks more full and thick because each strand bumps up against it's neighbor. That's fine, but that approach doesn't actually make hair strand thicker. 

    Intra-Cylane we've talked about before. It may provide some benefit but it's tough to say for sure. Check out this for more info: 
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