Hello Again Randy, did you miss me? XD I need a favor!

 I know this isn't exactly about beauty.... but it's chemisty. AdVaNcEd chemisty. And I may have an Idea to clean these antique picture frames without getting an ultrasonic cleaner, (I've gunked them up preeeetty badly with my attempts at restoration, and I REFUSE to go to a professional!!!) anyways here's my idea, that I wanna kinda run by you, and see if there is anything to it. 

I was watching mythbusters, the episode about diet coke and mentos, and the whole nucleation concept got me thinking, my picture frame hosts an enormous amount of fine scroll work, and due to the craftsmanship and the nature of the brass, it's covered in an abundance in tiny micro pits, similar to the mentos! Also it's covered in gunk, which is porous as well.  (polish that hardened or stuck in cracks I can't buff out.) 

Anyways, now that I told you a bit about the target, and topic, my idea is to potentially use nucleation with the frames being the mentos, and X chemical being the Diet coke. The catch is it has to be fairly safe for the brass. Also I've use.... a ton of stuff on these frames. I am not looking for something to ruin them, or cause some sort of reaction. I wondering if there was some way to neutralize the frames in a bath before I bathe them in X chemical... to avoid that. (Some of the polishes and removers I used had phosphoric acid, and a whole bunch of concentrated, nasty stuff in them. I'm kind of worried. That's why I figured Instead of googleing all of this and just doing it... I should ask a real scientist... :P) Also I thought I could try club soda? but I am not so sure that would work without some sort of catalist chemical to strengthen the reaction.  

Also. I just realized although this is probably a unique idea, this will probably not work... it just doesn't have the time to agitate the gunk, even if I did have a proper chemical like the diet soda for it to bathe in, and an agitator to strengthen the reaction, like caffeine or aspartame. 


But if for any reason this, idk, caught your attention, and got your wheels turning, and you may have an idea of something that might work let me know. I mean, I've pretty much exhausted EVERYTHING on market shelves, and all known diy things on the internet, and I own a dremel.... that's why I've gotten a bit nuclear. XD with my ideas. Anywho nice seein ya again, I'll pop in to see if you responded.  


  • It's awesome to have you back - we've missed your commentary! 

    To be honest, I don't know much about the chemistry of cleaning brass - you need to visit our sister website, "The Brass Brains." 

    But seriously, I wish I could help you out but anything I'd suggest would probably end up setting them on fire or something. 

    Good luck!
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