What do you think about Copper serums (CP Serums) as apart of skin care regiment?

In my research, I find more, and MORE, people have accumulated a deficit of certain metals in the body. According to a few studies that CP, can be beneficial orally or ingested, which led me to the idea of using as a skin care serum. (I googled it, and found some too, XD) I feel it may be a fair idea for some people to use it for overall health and preventative care (preventing cancer and such). I even find evidence it's decent for people with psoriasis, and other issues, other than the fact it's kind of awesome for restoration (being a peptide.) 

Idk though. I'm by NO means an expert... Trust me, I have learned since I was last on here, that just because I read a bunch of studies, and spend my time "in books", doesn't mean any of my information I've resourced is reliable. Experience, and words from an expert is better information to rely on, I've realized. :3


  • There is some evidence that Copper peptides are good for skin (if that's what you're talking about.)
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