Well I finally tried the FAMOUS Pantene

The Beauty Brains are always taking about Pantene - so when I came across a display of Pantene for sale (they had  about 8 "flavors") I decided to see what all the hubbub is about.  I got the "delicate for shiny hair" flavor for the sale price of €1.19.

WOW.  Now I understand when they talk about the feel of the bubbles! Very silky and rich feeling. Then, afterwards, my hair felt so light and shiny - kind of how it feels after I go to the salon.

I'd been trying to avoid and reduce silicones and go the eco/bio route with in my self-care products but this shampoo/conditioner is indeed quite a masterpiece. I can see why it has received such high ratings in blind studies and is overall admired in the industry.

Why did I wait so long?!?!

Anyone else sneak off and buy Pantene after hearing the Beauty Brains fawning over it in their podcasts?




  • Gee, we really should get Pantene to sponsor our podcast!
  • Randy -- That is seriously a good idea. You've got a great case to make to them.
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