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Sodium - PCA

Does anybody have any additional information on this ingredient? I've been using TwinLabs Na-PCA spray for over 10 years but I believe it's been discontinued. I personally think it works great but it's more of an aging prevention product as opposed to a aging reversing product. I found a company that sells the ingredient so I can make my own spray. They recommend up to 4% usage but that seems so little. The concoction I've put together doesn't seem as potent as the Twinlabs spray. Is there any way to find out what percentage of Na-PCA they used?
Thanks in advance 


  • Hi AC. Unfortunately, there's no way to know the % of NaPCA in their product without seeing the formula. 4% certainly sounds like a reasonable use level, however. 

    Regarding aging prevention vs aging reversing: I agree. NaPCA is a component of the skin's own Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) and it helps bind moisture inside the skin matrix. My understanding is that it's a humectant and works similarly to glycerin and Hyaluronic Acid. 

    I don't know this for a fact but I would guess is that it would be more efficacious when applied from a cream or lotion rather than an a spray (since a spray won't be as occlusive as a cream.)
  • BTW, I think this might be the first question we've had about NaPCA so this might be a good topic for our podcast. Would you (or anyone else) be interested in submitting an audio question about NaPCA? (All you have to do is record yourself on your smart phone or computer and email it to me at 

  • Thanks, 
    That is interesting about the lotion vs spray. I always used the spray in summer when it was humid because I don't like the feeling of slimy lotion and it was enough to keep my skin from getting tight and ashy. I know there are some facial moisturizers with Na-pca but I don't know of any body products. I grew up swimming in AZ so I'm battling aging on my shoulders and chest. I would be glad to record a question for the podcast. 
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