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Food colouring in makeup?

As a lot of folks with a yellow undertone to their complexion (especially those with darker skintones) know, it can be really, really had to find foundation that matches your skin colour.
I definitely fall in that camp, so I was trying to google some advice about it, and I found quite a number of blog posts and youtube videos suggesting that mixing foundation with a few drops of food colouring would be a good way to alter it. The proportion would be very small; food  colouring is quite strong, after all. But I was wondering if this is a <i>safe</i> practice? 
It seems to me like it should be, since food colouring is obviously food grade, but are there other risks I'm overlooking, since it's being applied topically instead of ingested?

Any ideas/info/advice would be appreciated!


  • It depends on which colorants you're talking about. As Perry mentioned in a recent podcast, some ingredients are safe to eat but can irritate your skin (e.g., cinnamon, peppermint.) 

    The safest thing to do is check to see if the food colorant that you want to use is also approved for use in cosmetics. You can do that by checking the FDA's approved colorant list

  • That's a great tip! Thanks so much :)
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