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eyebrow enhancing serums

Dear Beauty Brains,
I am in my 50's and my eyebrows are much thinner than the were when I was younger. Do eyebrow enhancing serums really make your brows grow, or do they just make the brow "appear" to be fuller? If there really is a chance for actual eyebrow growth, what ingredients should I look for in a serum?


  • I'm not aware of any eyebrow serums that actually enhance hair growth but if you have a specific product in mind I'd be happy to look at the ingredients. My guess is that they just improve the appearance of brows. 

    There are eyelash growth enhancing products that really work but these are drugs that do have some potential side effects. 
  • Hi Randy,
    Thank you for your quick response. I was specifically looking at Masterlash Replinishing Eyebrow Oil. I couldn't find any information on their site as to ingredients. Women's Health online magazine lists the following ingredients for the product: peptides and biotin, essential oils clove, rose, and cinnamon. 
  • Unfortunately, these are only a few of the ingredients and it's impossible to tell much without seeing the rest. 

    Some people say that biotin enhances hair growth but I've only seen data for that in cases where the person is deficient in biotin (which is vitamin H.) And that's for when you ingest it, not apply it topically. 
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