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Is "Pen" Packaging for Nail Oil Safe?

A lot of nail art bloggers and Instagrammers swear by this nail oil pen, but I can't help but wonder if packaging nail oil this way is safe. The pen has a brush on one end and the oil comes out through the brush, which you can sweep across your cuticles and nails. I can see how this kind of package would be convenient, but I would worry that the brush would pick up germs from my hands and then the germs could migrate back into the reservoir of oil and contaminate the product. Is this kind of packaging safe? Then again, a lot of nail oils come in either a nail polish bottle where you put the brush back into the bottle, or in jar packaging, so is a pen any better or worse than a bottle or jar?


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    I don't think there's much to worry about because this kind of product is not very prone to microbial contamination. 

    If you look at the ingredients you'll see that there's no water in the product which means bacteria and mold won't be able to grow very well. For anhydrous products that are more exposed to the moisture in the environment (think of a bath oil in an large mouth container) there's still concern but I don't think there's much danger here.   

    Jojoba Wax Ester* 
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
    Grape Seed Oil 
    Fragrance Oil Blend** 
    Olive Squalane 
    Vitamin A Oil 
    Vitamin E Oil 
    Tea Tree Oil  
  • Interesting! Thanks Randy! I never considered that since there isn't water in the product, it's less prone to microbial issues.
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