Vitamin C or stronger Retinoid Rx?

I've been using a really weak Tretinoin  (Retin A) .025% for over two years. it's for mild adult acne. a side benefit is that it's also doing an OK job for aging skin -- but I would like it to do more for me in that aspect.  

I'm thinking of adding a vitamin C serum. however, I hate adding steps to my routine. I wonder if I should just ask my dermatologist to increase my Tretinoin prescription strength to .050% instead?   perhaps all I need is simply a stronger retinoid to do the trick.

what do y'all think? my main thing is that I can't seem to get my age spots to fade -- and they're not even all that dark in the first place. (and yes, I am very good about sunscreen.)


  • maybe a product containing hydraquinoine?
    I know in Canada its availabe at the pharmacy without a prescription.
    It's called neostrata hq plus..a 2% concentration I believe.
    I think its what they call a melanine it works completley different than retinol.
    still it is an extra step...
  • If you really hate to add steps then you could certainly ask your derm for a stronger prescription. Just be aware that the side effects of redness and irritation may increase as well. 
  • funny, but I didn't get any redness or irritation at all! so I feel confident to try something stronger.
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