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Ingredients in very low concentration - could they really be a benefit?

As far as know phenoxyethanol is always at concentration 0,01% and all stuff that goes in ingredient list after it is in lowest concentration and is mentioned in random order. I've got some product where almoust all the stuff is after phenoxyethanol and ingredient from the claims too - PSIDUM GUANA FRUIT EXTRACT. Is that really pure and unfair (as for me) marketing or such content could have sence?


  • Most of the time the extracts like the one you mentioned are used in very low concentrations and they are NOT functional - they're just added to make the product more appealing. 

    Remember that (at least in the US) ingredients below 1% can be listed in any order so just because an ingredient appears below phenoxyethanol (at 0.01%) that doesn't mean that the ingredient has a concentration lower than 0.01%.
  • As I understand it could be in the same concentration 1% and it is low. Anyway, could anything in such low concentration be functional?
  • Other than preservatives I can't think of any active ingredients that provide much benefit when used at 0.01%. If I'm wrong and anyone has any specific examples, please let me know. 
  • Thanks a lot for the answer! 
  • Retinoids?
  • Retinoids don't do much at 0.01%. If you're talking 1% and above, that's a different story. 
  • Yes, my mistake - phenoxyethanol 1%... what in this case?
  • I'm sorry but I'm having trouble understanding your question. Can you please tell me again exactly what you want to know so I can try to help? Thanks. 
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