Alginate Mask New Beauty Trend

Hello Beauty Brains,

There is this new beauty trend going on in Japan and South Korea - Alginate Masks.

They work by mixing alinate mask with water, then you need to apply it to the face, leave the mask in place for at least 15 minute, then remove by peeling it off in one piece.

These masks claim to have lifting effect, reduce wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Ingredient list usualy includes CALCIUM SULFATE, SODIUM ALGINATE

Is this something new that can actually work on skin and penetrate it? Or is it another foolish trend created by marketers?

Thank you


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    I'm not aware of any data that suggests alginate masks can help with lifting, wrinkle reduction, and hyper pigmentation. Of course, any mask that forms a film on your face can provide temporary tightening that may give the look and feel of lifting and which may temporarily tighten some wrinkles. But these benefits only last until the mask is washed away.  

    If the mask is just being used as a delivery vehicle for active agents that really do have anti-aging properties then it MAY have some benefit but the product is only left on the face for 15 minutes and that's not long enough. Anti-aging ingredients work best when left in contact with skin. 
  • Thanks Randy for such a detailed responce
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