• If it were easy to make sunscreen in a pill form, it would already have been done by a company.  As your petition suggests, it's a great idea.  No company has figured out how to do it effectively however.  It's not an easy problem.
  • I took a look at your petition and, while I love the idea of a sunscreen pill, I'm a little confused. 

    Isn't this like petitioning a company to create a cure for cancer or a solution for baldness? I'm sure they're aware of the market potential for a pill that would solve such a problem and they may or may not be dedicating R&D resources to it. What do you hope to achieve with a petition other than reminding them of something that's already probably very obvious? 

    Having said that, I do applaud your "grass roots" attempt to influence companies to make a product that you'd like to buy! Good luck!!
  • The problem is if a oral sunscreen really works it probably will cause a lot of side effects. I don't know anything to take orally that really works and don't give side effects... On the other hand, topical sunscreens are safe, effective and are already in the market. 
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    Hi everyone this was my post I just wanted to see what people would think and get opinions unbiased by being anon since ppl know me here and I now want to be named after a black metal band lol. "If it were easy to make sunscreen in a pill form, it would already have been done by a company." But that is circular logic. Lots of people with different health conditions start whole charities to having more research done on their condition, some are very poorly understood, some don't have research dollars put towards them bc they are not well known or not many people suffer it. (I feel this comparison is valid if not let me know). All I want for this petition is to tell people its a great idea, the idea needs to get out there bc most ppl don't know this is something that could possibly be done also bc no matter how many times I nag my family members about skin cancer, it falls on deaf ears and they tan anyways. 
  • Rozy, maybe you have the wrong approach to your family members. Why don't you try using science to persuade them? I mean psychology studies on persuasion. Here is one link
  • Ah, Rascally Rozy using a pseudonym. Very clever! 
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    Haha thx Randy! :D The sun causing skin cancer and aging is science though! My dad is a construction worker and he does use sunscreen in the summer, the other guys at work would make fun of him for it until they got bad burns and starting asking him for it. Even though I argue with him he doesn't believe its necessary when its not summer and not inside even though our house has big windows with lace curtains that keep nothing out. Trust me I am skilled oratorically I would have persuaded them now but I won't give up. 
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    This is what Colin from Colin's Beauty Pages said: "I don’t see any reason in principle why you shouldn’t have a sunscreen pill. In fact it ought to be a much better way to protect against the sun. The proof will be when it gets into a proper clinical trial."

  • Just think of the all the studies needlessly done on a link between vaccines and autism. Sometimes funds are misdirected. Must be exhausting to keep disproving the same thing over and over. Pseudo science is frustrating and I'm not even a scientist. 
  • Look, I support it's science and I accept scientific evidence but most people don't. That's why I advise you to use scientifically proven methods to convince people. You need the right approach, the right information is not enough. But in the end, it's your choice of course.
  • I find nagging works in the summer time.
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