• Actually, Muslim women all remove their body hair, at least Arab and Turkish women. I'm too lazy to double check it now but I think it's a part of their religion. On the other hand, Korean women don't remove their pubic hair (there are many saunas where women walk around all naked so it's easy to see) and Chinese women don't even remove their underarm hair. There is one movie Lust. Caution where you can see the beautiful Chinese actress in hot scenes with underarm hair, so even celebrities that pose naked don't remove it.
  • Oh, in Islam even men have to remove their pubic hair.
  • Thanks for your comments Tree really interesting! I have heard Asian women's body hair is finer but I don't know if that's true.
  • It's true, they have less hair than European women. Asian men, too, have less hair than European men (most don't have full beards). They also don't smell when they sweat and it's really hard to find a good antiperspirant in East Asia although marketing is doing its job now in convincing people they need deodorants.
  • I remember hearing about that on Eat Your Kimchi! Lucky them! 
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