Beards behaving Badly

I'm a guy with a full beard, and I have a lot of questions about how to maintain healthy looking skin and a good looking beard. Instead of just dropping them all at once, let's tackle them one at a time.

First, is shampoo and conditioner the most effective product to clean my lower half of the face. Can I use the same shampoo and conditioner for my head and beard hair? I have normal hair, which is thinning, so I use a product for thicker, fuller hair. My beard has the texture of...facial hair. Is this protocol, ill-advised.



  • I think you should use shampoo and conditioner on it. 
  • There's nothing wrong with using the same shampoo and conditioner on your beard. (Unless your conditioner is the leave in type; I would avoid those on facial skin because they may contain quats that can be irritating.)

    Shampoos for thicker fuller hair are really not all that different so there's no negative consequence of using them on your beard. 
  • What are the things that do make thickening shampoos different? 
  • Two main approaches to formulating thickening shampoos: 

    1. Omit conditioning agents that weigh hair down - that way hair has more volume. 

    2. Add polymers that can stiffen hair fibers given the appearance of more volume and thickness. 

    Another option: Use high levels (3%+) of panthenol which can slightly thicken the fiber. 
  • You were talking in the podcast of how nothing can be done for ageing hair currently and that its a tough problem, does that mean its unlikely there will ever be treatment that works or just not in the near future? Why does the hair atrophy as it gets older? #hairwhyyoudodis
  • Never say never...
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