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Is blush safe to use on acne prone skin? I use bb cream every day, will blush make the bumps and blackheads covered by the bb cream more visible? What kind of blush is the best? Also, my skin is very pale, what colour will suit me? And is it necessary to buy an expensive blush or it doesn't really matter? Thank you!


  • Some of the colors used in blushes are mildly comedogenic; others are not. I can't recommend a specific product but I can tell you that powdered blushes are less likely to cause acne than liquid or cream blushes. (And the cost doesn't matter at all.) 

    Perry and I aren't very good at picking colors to go with your complexion but I bet one of our other Forum members will have some suggestions.   
  • Tree, you mentioned you live in Korea right?
    Generally with blushes, pink looks good on everyone as long as it's not overdone.If you have a lot of redness in your cheeks and you don't want to emphasize it you might want to use a nude pink (there are some blush colors out there that look like they could be regular powder, those are the ones). 
    Additionally you can experiment but generally plums look great on mid-tone olive skin tones, peachy pinks look great on fair-medium skins and peaches look great on the fairest Irish redhead skin. Deep reds, magentas, oranges, fuschias, are best pulled off with those of deeper skin tones. 
    Most Korean women have pretty light skin with warm undertones, so pink is definitely a great option. But don't be afraid to experiment, you might find you love how a certain "contraindicated" blush looks on you. Rules were made to be broken.
  • Does cost matter when it comes to performance? Is there any difference on how well it will look and how long it will stay on my face?
    Actually, my skin is kind of rosy naturally and my cheeks don't need blush but I have to wear BB cream because of my mild acne and acne scars :( Do you think I need to go for a blush that is close to my natural color and how do I pick it?
  • Cost does NOT matter  There are good and bad products at all price points  
    Do you have the NYX or Milani brands in your drugstores?
  • Thank you, brainybimbo! I'm not Korean, I just happen to live here, I am European with light brown (here it is considered blond, lol) hair, black eyes and black eyebrows. I actually like my rosy cheeks but because of the stupid pimples and scars I have no choice but to hide them and I think I look too pale (although here it is considered good to have white skin but I am like a ghost). I am not sure what these colors mean but I will definitely use this information, thank you! 
    Another question - is it too bad if the blush is low quality? I know with foundation it can be disastrous but with blush do I take a significant risk to look bad? Or even a not so high quality product will do a decent job?
    I don't know about these brands, I will check, mostly here they sell Korean brands and each brand has a special store (they are everywhere). Maybe I will buy Missha because I know they are good but are a bit pricey.
  • Tree, price has absolutely no correlation with quality. You're not taking any significant risk to the way you look by purchasing a less expensive blush.

    The brands really don't matter, do they have beauty advisors or testers, so you can try colors before you buy them?
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    I would say don't bother buying American products bc they are probably overpriced being shipped all the way there. I have heard S.Korea has a ton of beauty stores. Sounds like my kind of place!
  • If a pimple is raised, applying concealer could easily make the pimple visible if not even more so because of the shadowing. You can't get rid of the shadowing unless you apply buckets of makeup.
  • Yeah I noticed that with a YouTuber I like. Covering them with concealer just seems to make it worse.
  • I think that people are so used to covering wrinkles and hyperpigmentation that they forget about why/how they can cover them, so they assume it'll work the same way with acne.
  • What about young people?
  • I doubt that young people even think about the hows and whys concealers work, thus assuming it'll work for their acne--and that they see photoshopped models all the time.
  • What??? Models are photoshopped? 
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    Yep. And did you know most models secretly train in the fashion and modeling college located on Jupiter II/Europa? ;)
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    I am young and you are probably right about that. Especially bc some concealers are marketed with sal acid. I didn't notice because I have dyscalculia which effects my mental processing of visual information but "normal" teens also just think because that is how its marketed that's how it actually best works. 
  • What about using lipstick as blush? This seems the only way to find the perfect color.
  • @Michelle: Are you sure? I thought the modeling college was located on Ganymede. 
  • Tree most lipsticks are waxy, buttery and oily, in order to hydrate the lips. If you used it on your cheeks you would be making yourself far more likely to break out even more.
  • Yeah lip skin is thin and can't get zits its totally different than your cheeks.
  • If you have black hair and white skin you are probably cool toned. Clinique makes a pretty purpleish cream blush.
  • I bought one from Tony Moly, the only color my friend said looks good on me. It is number two and is called pleasure pink, whatever that means.
    My hair is light and my face is kind of pink. I hope this will work for me.
  • I think it will. :)
  • @Tree: Coral is a pretty universal color-it looks good on just about everyone. That would be a safe color to start out with. Before you apply the blush to your cheeks, make sure to tap off the excess powder on your brush. This will make the blush go on more evenly and look more natural.
  • NUH UH! Coral looks lime oompa loompa on me. My skin is very pale and cool toned. Just wondering, is your hair a cool toned light brown or warm toned? Some pinks are neutral. You have to develop an eye for what kind of color it is.
  • i found the mineral hygenics makeup line does make blushes bronzers finishing powders even eye shawdos and they only use 4 inredients Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Mica and Zinc Oxide.this is all i'll be using from now on,since bare minerals makes 40% of ppl s skin irritated because of the Bismuth Oxychloride ingredient
  • Bismuth oxychloride does cause itching in some people but I'm curious where the 40% number came from. That seems really high. 
  • Great blushes come in all pigment grades and price points.

    As far as formulation, my recommendation is that you choose a company who makes a lighter weight formula not only so the pigment and binding ingredient texture blends better with your BB cream texture but also to prevent possible product build up.

    Acne on cheeks are commonly caused from liver and intestinal digestive issues combined with pigments that are fine milled leading your pores to digest the pigments faster than those not experiencing digestive issues and hold on to them in the pores even after cleansing.

    In Korea, Clinique would be a company that is lighter in texture yet mills their pigments to support an easily clogged pore.

    I would suggest since you have natural color on your cheeks from the inflammation caused from breakouts that you choose a blush that is a neutral (both equal parts cool and warm). Your natural pink will show through regardless once your BB cream warms to your skin so you don't want too much of a cool base.

    A neutral color to look in to that would be good for fair skin types in Korea by Clinique is:
    #08 (Ask for 큐피드
    장바구니 담기
    위시 리스트 담기)

  • 40% does seem high for a Bismuth Oxychloride sensitivity. Bismuth Oxychloride is in the majority of all powder based complexion products mineral makeup or not. That would mean a little less than half of women over the last few decades were unable to wear makeup mineral or not.

    Another side note based on my previous post is women that experience acne on their cheeks can be more acne prone to mineral makeup or HD makeup than others that are not prone to acne on their cheeks.

    Mineral Makeup and HD Makeup is particularly finely milled and those prone to breakouts on their cheeks find their pores tend to hold on to the minerals and get build up easier.
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