The top 10 most dangerous cosmetic ingredients

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BearFoot says…If you are truly looking for 100% organic, no chemicals! beauty products you could actually eat…….Terressentials. You’re kidding yourself if you think these products are organic and free of chemicals. I’m not saying not to use them, just do your research. Rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, they’re chemicals. The […]


  • The fear of what we don’t know is something as a human race that holds us back from experiencing all that the world has for us.

    Hopefully the breakdown provided in this post will enlighten consumers that if there is an ingredient they don’t understand to research it before boycotting it simply out of fear and lack of knowledge.

    Sometimes the most complex words and things are the most simple and beneficial once you look deeper.

  • Well put, Christina. Thanks. 
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