Is a combination sunscreen and moisturizer a good idea?

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Iammao inquires…I typically use a separate SPF product to have better control of my skincare routine and reliable SPF coverage. However, due to recent changes in my schedule I have been tempted to use day creams with integrated SPF for convenience. I have started with La Roche Posay’s Hydraphase Intense UV which claims to have SPF20. […] Is a combination sunscreen and moisturizer a good idea?


  • Hi Perry,

    I've been coveting Charlotte Tilburys Magic Cream for some time (£70 for 50ml!) as it is meant to be very moisturising and rich and great as a night cream.  

    Before I did though I thought I would take some beauty brains advice and look at the label.

    The second listed ingredient (there is over 50 of them!) is Homosalate which  I read is aadded as a sunscreen element.
    Can using a cream with a high spf as a night cream be damaging to the skin?

  • The FDA considers homosalate to be a safe and effective sunscreen ingredient so you shouldn't have a problem. 

    I'm wondering why you'd use a night cream with SFP protection. It won't help you at night and it adds costs to the product. 
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    Exactly.  They don't have any reference to it containing SPF on the jar.  It's only when I looked at the ingredients that I saw it.  Not sure why......

    Anyway, thanks to your mantra of 'read the label' I won't be using it as a night cream!!
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