Chemists Corner post?

There was a post on Chemists Corner about how dead sea mud isn't ethical even though its natural and also making a point that oil extraction that I really agreed with that let me see through some environmentalist stuff with skepticism. 


  • Could you find it for me? I searched but couldn't find it.
  • I asked Perry about this but he hasn't found it yet. This may have been one of the posts he lost when our server crashed late last year. 
  • I don't think so I read it recently.
  • Still really wanting to find this to argue with my skeptic friends. I am pretty worried about climate change lately, there is so much anti-human bigotry in the environmentalist movement and plenty of causes based on pseudoscience. I know this isn't on beauty but it's definitely in the skeptic category. I am trying to find a rational view on this subject and why biodiversity matters. 
  • I wish we could find it too!
  • Wish you could find the post or trustworthy information on climate change? Lately I have been disgusted by the common anti-human sentiment in their movement, calling humanity a virus, plague, maggots etc. 
  • FOUND IT! I was getting Personal Care Truth and Cosmetics Corner mixed up. 
  • That's a great post, I had not read that before. Thanks for tracking it down!
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