Anti aging ingredients

Are hyalunic acid (sp?) and vitamin c good for building collagen or have other anti aging benefits? Is it necessary to use them together? Are there any good brands you recommend? (im thinking of LifeVest). Is there a needed dosage? Thank you.


  • Hi Vic. Yes, vitamin C is a great anti-aging ingredient. This post (and podcast) should answer a lot of your questions about Vitamin C: Which kind of vitamin C is best for skin? Episode 31

    Hyaluronic acid (when rubbed on your skin) does NOTHING to boost collagen. 

    Stay tuned - in another few weeks we'll be doing an article on collagen. 
  • Oooh a collagen article would be pretty sweet if it covers alternative ways to regen it for like acne scares and wrinkles that I haven't thought of yet! *is excited!*

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