Are hot rollers less damaging?

I love my hair when curled with with a wand, but its too damaging for frequent use. I've read claims that hot rollers are a less damaging alternative to using curling irons and straighteners. Is the difference significant enough that I could feel better about using more frequently? 

I am specifically considering the Remington TStudio LUXE Setter, which are ceramic with heated clips. 


  • That's a GREAT question. It depends on how hot the rollers get so I emailed the company to find out. If and when they answer me I'll let you know. 
  • Thanks, I'd really appreciate that!

    I assume these particular rollers could possibly be more damaging than others due to their use of heated clips heating the hair from two sides.
  • It's more about the temperature (and length of exposure) rather than the number of source of heat. Hopefully they'll respond to my questions. 

    In the meantime, have you listened to our podcast? If you have, could you please write a short review on iTunes?  It really helps us out! Thanks. 
  • They answered! 

    "The temperature for the TStudio LUXE Setter is a range of 230F - 250F." 

    Since this is lower than the temperature of many curling irons (some go as high as 350 or more) I'd wager that it's less damaging. 

    Having said that, however, I don't imagine that the difference in the amount of damage is very much unless you're using these products A LOT. 

    In other words, for the casual user it probably doesn't matter all that much. 

  • Thanks so much for such a quick response. I was looking for something I could use almost daily without the guilt of damaging my hair, so it doesn't look like hot rollers are the answer. 

    Thanks again and I submitted an iTunes review for you guys this morning. 
  • Awww-sum. Thanks!
  • What is your natural texture?  I had the same dilemma, and I have wavy hair, so instead of using a curling iron, now I'm looking at using products to enhance my natural wave.  There are also old fashioned rollers ("cold" rollers?) you can dry your hair with.
  • Also, you can use a round brush while drying.
  • If you're going for a curly, less frizzy look, you can try other methods of non-heated drying. Ex. Rolling hair into a headband and sleeping on it, or sponge rollers on already dry hair with a little product in it. Braiding also works well.  Pin curls also work.  Pin hair up in pinwheels using bobby pins with a styling product already applied to hair and let dry.
  • Thanks Hillary!
  • I have very fine wavy/curly hair so non-heated drying techniques don't usually work. I will air dry my hair in a sort two strand French braid (twist?)
    I have discovered Caruso Steam Rollers for heat free curls. I have to say I still prefer the hold and smoothness of heated methods but these are a great everyday option to minimize damage. They hold pretty well in my hair.
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