How bad is lavender, really?



  • Hmmm. It seems odd that she couldn't package a serum in an airtight container. It's more expensive, but it can be done. 
  • That's a good example, sueg. I don't rely heavily on everything Paula says, but I have yet to find a useful discussion of lavender either from someone who wasn't either trying to sell/promote fragrance-free products or someone who wasn't trying to sell/promote essential oils (or someone who got all of their information from one of those sources)! Frustrating. I understand the potential issues with fragrance in general, and I tend to have a moderate opinion of them, but lavender in particular seems to get a lot of both positive and negative hype. Photosensitivity! Cell death! Etc. I guess I will be safe either way, since I tend to not like heavily fragranced skin care products (on my face at least), just because I find the smells annoying.
  • Speaking off topically trying to make this the longest thread in history, Randy there is a soap by Dove, a bar soap specifically, and I can't find it in the bulk size allotment anymore anywhere. Would you happen to know if it's being pulled from sale in the bulk packaging? It's rose/rosa.  I like it because it smells like baby powder. :D LONG LIVE THE THREAD

  • Sorry, but I don't know. 
  • lavender is the antichrist!!!
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