Is ammonia free hair color really safe?

Recently I've decided to start coloring my hair out of necessity to cover the gray hair. I've wanted to buy an ammonia free hair color like the L'oreal or the Matrix ones, however I found different articles on the web which say that hair dye without ammonia is not totally safe. Read here for an example:

Is it true? Ammonia free hair dye is as damaging as the original formula?


  • What do you mean by "safe?" Are you worried about damage to your hair? If that's the case, high levels of ammonia are more damaging because of the higher pH. Or are you concerned about allergic reactions? If that's the case any hair dye containing PPD can cause a reaction not just those with high levels of ammonia. 

    I guess the bottom line is that a LOT of people use these ammonia free dyes without any problem whatsoever. A small percentage of people do experience problems.  
  • Yes, with "safe" I refer to the damage to my hair. 

    So the bottom line is that the Ammonia free dye is definitely less damaging than the one with Ammonia :)

    Thanks so much Randy!
  • You're very welcome! (If you haven't done so already, you can repay the favor by writing a review of our podcast on iTunes. Perry and I would really appreciate it!)
  • What about the other alkalizers?
    Found some publications which compared damage effects caused by ammonia and the substitute ethanolamine:
    Inoue, Takafumi, et al. "Practical use of labile protein as an index of hair damage." j. Cosmet. Sci 55 (2004): 553-558.
    Bailey, Aaron D., Guiru Zhang, and Bryan P. Murphy. "Comparison of damage to human hair fibers caused by monoethanolamine-and ammonia-based hair colorants." Journal of cosmetic science 65.1 (2014): 1-9.
    Unfortunately, I have no access to this publication. :s

    What do you think?
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