Microcurrent facelifts - do they work?

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Hi Beauty Brains

I'd love to hear your take on micro current therapy for facelifts. I know microcurrent therapy is tested in other areas (post-operative studies etc), but I can't find a single scientific study on whether or not it works as to 'tightening up' the skin' or doing any kind of 'face lifting'. Look forward to your input.


  • Hmmm, that's an interesting one! I'll see what I can find out. Have you seen any specific consumer products in this space? If you have, send me a link and I'll take a look at them.  
  • I'd like for you to check out Ultherapy (http://www.ultherapy.com/).  I would like to know how many treatments it takes to get these good results.  Some of the pics are 90 days, some 365.  But how many treatments in that time?  If I need to pay as much or more than cosmetic surgery, I'll just get the blade.
  • Hi RandyS - Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, I've seen and heard mixed reviews on a product called NuFace http://www.mynuface.com/

    I know there are others, but this particular one has been brought to my attention. I look forward to your input on this.. :)
  • @RandyS - sorry. I'm new here-- wasn't sure if I needed to tag you (and if I'm even doing it correctly) 
  • Hey Lise. No, you don't need to tag me. Sometimes it just takes me a few days to catch up. I'll take a look at mynuface and I'll let you know what I find. 

    PS Welcome! 
  • FYI. I just sent the NuFace company an email asking for the following information: 

    1. Details of the protocol used in their clinical study. (If a copy of the full study is available, that would be ideal.)
    2. Technical specifications for the Trinity device (e.g., power output, frequency used.)
    3. References in the scientific literature that document the effects of micro-current on skin (e.g., the website mentions increased ATP and collagen production.)

    I'll let you know if they respond. 
  • Thanks Randy!! I'm really interested in reading your input on this when you've had a chance to look at it-

  • As of yet no answer...
  • Why am I not surprised? I'm still trying to research this and am still turning up empty handed--- 
  • Hi Randy  - have you had any feedback at all from the NuFace company? 
  • Hi all!
    I work for Micro, LLC which has been developing our patented Myotonology®
    Microcurrent System for over twenty years. We currently have a
    professional unit in use in the field; all of the details for that can
    be found here. Our Myotone® Home Toning unit will be available November 1st of this year.

    Our home Myotone® unit is modeled off of the professional system and uses the same technology in a sleek, ergonomic design. The power output ranges from 300 to 480 microamperes(µa), depending on the muscle group and desired effect. The frequency can also be modulated depending on the desired outcome.

    I will post the pilot study protocol and scientific literature on my profile since it is a bit of a heavy read. I have post some blogs on our Facebook page that cut the scientific jargon down a bit so it's easier to read; you can reach that on our main page here, and our professional page here.

    I hope this answers some of your questions; feel free to ask anymore that come up!
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    Thanks.  I followed the links you provided but I didn't find much (one of the links was broken.) In your private message to me you mentioned that you had trouble when you tried to post more information. I don't see another post from you so maybe you deleted it? I'm not sure what happened but if you can please try again I'll take a look at it.   
  • Randy,
    Unfortunately out Facebook pages are having a bit of trouble right now; I am working on getting those put back up. Our professional page is www.myoinc.com. I'm not sure why the hyperlink didn't work.

    I'll post the scientific literature on my page again so you can see what I mean.

    Thanks for getting back to me.
  • Our facebook page is back up, here!
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