Vaseline on Face Before Swimming?

I am a long-time competitive swimmer, and still like to swim 3-4x/week. As I get older, swimming gets harder on the skin. I have long put Vaseline on my face before getting in the water, and was wondering if that's a reasonable thing to do? Anything better to consider? Thanks.


  • Vaseline (which is pure petrolatum) is one of the best barriers for the skin. If you find that it protects your skin from the effects of chlorine, etc, then I think it's a very reasonable thing to do. Do you experience any side effects that you don't like? 
  • Hi Randy -- Thank you for your reply, and even more, thank you for this site. So appreciative of the wisdom and the help cutting through the fog of cosmetic marketing.

    I do not experience, any bad effects from the Vaseline so I will carry on. After trying a gazillion products that always seem to work best. Looks like I lucked out with something so simple and cheap! Thanks again.
  • You're welcome! (and you can always return the favor by writing a review of our podcast on iTunes. Here's the link:

  • Consider it done.

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